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I safely lost 70 lbs. in 8 weeks and have a complete physical from St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City to prove it. It is HCG, but I was eating 1,000 calories a day NOT 500, which is dangerous. I got groceries from Whole Foods. I ate apples, grilled chicken, Zevia soda, Ice Tea (no sugar) water, black coffee, boiled shrimp, blueberries and raspberries. Steamed Halibut. Some supplements have... Read more

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Emile Bouri is an east euro gypsy *** artist in biz with girlfriend *** Kim Milko. they open clinics get sued and re open clinic in another name. Emile is on steroids, cocaine, meth and numerous other schedule 3 dangerous drugs. She is a prescription pain-killer junkie ex *** and they are both part of the 40 billion weight loss scam business preying on unsuspecting patients. He credentials are... Read more

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I paid for B6 and B12 shots via a Groupon. I paid $200 for the Groupon. After 2 weeks of shots, I felt no change in my energy level, nor did I lose the 1-2 lbs a week that usually occur with these shots. I've gotten B12 shots before from my doctor and have felt the effects immediately, but not at all with Boauri! Scheduling was difficult as they rarely answered their phones, nor do they return... Read more

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I walked into the Bouari Clinic excited to try the weight loss system that had been advertised all over our local cable stations. I was told that none of the " natural" supplements would interfere with the medications I currently am on, so I gladly handed over my credit card. The first time I took the Edge supplement I felt horrible, my legs were tingly, had heart palpatations, headaches. In... Read more

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24 March 2012 I attended an appointment at Bouari Clinic in Las Vegas. I signed up for a 50 day round of HCG injections with B12 and received 1/2 of the "HCG". From 3/24 to 4/18 I lost a total of 15 pounds. This is not my first HCG rodeo however. I have completed 2 23 day rounds with another clinic in Las Vegas. I lost 34 pounds the first 23 days and 20 pounds the 2nd 23 days. To lose only... Read more

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The Bouari Clinics are owned and operated by "dr" Carol Ann Chaney and her husband Emile Boauri. They have ripped off the 1956 work of Dr. Simeons and claim it as their own work and protocol taking handsome amounts of money for franchises that give back absolutely nothing to the purchasers of the franchise. Ms. Chaney calls herself a "doctor" yet I cannot find anywhere online or any other source... Read more

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I visited the Bouari Clinic in early July looking to loose 15-20 lbs of stubborn fat. I was a I would not recommend this to people who are not willing to change the way that they eat, but it does work. I am very pleased with my results and so far I have not gained any fat weight back. I have resumed my workouts at the gym and now building lean muscle mass. I noticed that there are two programs a... Read more

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